jimi hendrix newspaper/record mirror 29/10/66  1st article in england
1st Article ( jim henrix ) in england RECORD MIRROR 29/10/1966
jimi henrix newspaper/melody maker 17/12/66
MELODY MAKER 17/12/1966 1ere AD for concert 26/12/66           (jimmy hendrix experience) at THE UPPERCUT
jimi hendrix colector newspapers/mr. phenomenom!
jimi hedrix collector newspaper


 HET VRIJE VOLK      16/12/1966. 

jimi hendrix newspaper/disc music echo 17/12/66
jimi hendrx newspaper/disc music echo 17/12/66

DISC & MUSIC ECHO 17/12/1966. Article "TV ready steady and Uppercut concert"

jimi hendrix newspaper/new musical express 24/12/66

NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS 24/12/1966 Review for HEY JOE and AD/PUB

jimi hendrix newspaper/disc music echo 22/12/66
AD / HEY JOE polydor 1966 jimi hendrix newspapers

DISC & MUSIC ECHO 24/12/1966 AD/PUB HEY JOE (Polydor 56139)

jimi hendrix newspaper/hey joe review 1966
jimi hendrix newspaper/record mirror 24/12/66

RECORD MIRROR 24/12/1966 Review for HEY JOE

jimi henrix newspaper/melody maker  24/12/66

MELODY MAKER 24/12/1966 AD for "Uppercut and Ricky tick" (Jimmi Hendrix or jimmy Hendric's) and TRACK Records label

jimi hendrix newspaper/disc music echo 31/12/66

DISC & MUSIC ECHO 31/12/1966 Review HEY JOE

jimi hendrix newspaper/melody maker 31/12/66

MELODY MAKER 31/12/1966 (concert review)


RECORD MIRROR 31/12/1966 1st top 50 "Hey Joe" (38)

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NME 24/12/66 AD/PUB for HEY JOE

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